Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent

This name stands for itself in the fashion industry. He created today’s fashion empire Yves Saint Laurent in the heart of Paris in 1961 and has been revolutionizing high end women’s fashion during his creative career from 1953 to 2002. This already made him a legend during his lifetime.

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A tuxedo for women, “nude” fashion, which revealed almost everything, and a color combination that left well-known designers in utter shock: Yves Saint Laurent set off with his unconventional style of design. But maybe this is exactly what makes Yves Saint Laurent so successful.

Stars and celebrities around the world wear Yves Saint Laurent. Whether in the form of an elegant Yves Saint Laurent dress or with Yves Saint Laurent handbags that exude pure luxury in high-pitched colors: A piece by Yves Saint Laurent accentuates any outfit. Even today, the late designer Yves Saint Laurent with his fashion house Yves Saint Laurent remains one of the greatest icons in the fashion scene.

Yves Saint Laurent was born in Oran (Algeria) as the son of French parents. His mother introduced him to the world of fashion. Young Yves Saint Laurent fled into this intriguing world of design to escape the frequent bullying in his environment.

After Yves Saint Laurent won a fashion contest in France and his fashion drawings were presented in Vogue magazine, the publisher of the magazine introduced him to famous fashion designer Christian Dior. Here, Yves Saint Laurent was right away hired and was even promoted to chief designer after the death of Christian Dior.

His collections for Dior were very daring and ahead of their times. And Yves Saint Laurent wanted more, not just design for others: In 1961, Yves Saint Laurent founded his own fashion label in Paris. So, Yves Saint Laurent, the person, became Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion brand.

Revolutionary creations characterized early work by Yves Saint Laurent. The name Yves Saint Laurent quickly became synonymous with scandalous fashion designs: for example, knee-free skirts or barely ladylike leather tops belonged to the assortment of Yves Saint Laurent.

Also handbags by Yves Saint Laurent have become fashionable cult objects. Whether a small clutch with YSL logo or a large shopper, Yves Saint Laurent handbags are simply among the it-pieces that fashion lovers need to have. With Yves Saint Laurent handbags, such as the Classic Clutch made of high-quality leather, trendsetters set accents that stand out. Not without reason, Yves Saint Laurent handbags achieve high prices even in the second-hand market. Yves Saint Laurent is rightfully considered as one of the greatest designers ever who created many new trend with his unconventional style.

In 2002, Yves Saint Laurent retired from the Haute Couture business.

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