Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch: Handicraft meets pop-art design

When 16-year-old Briton Anya Hindmarch was given a second-hand Gucci handbag by her mother, nobody could foresee that this gift would mark the starting point for a successful career in the fashion industry. Ever since, Anya’s interest in high-quality, premium bags was sparked – and two years later, during her semester abroad in Florence in Italy, she was immediately drawn to the then-popular crossbody-bags made from leather.

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Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch

Inspired by this experience, young Anya Hindmarch borrowed some money and started importing the Italian bags to the United Kingdom. In a wink of time, the first 500 bags were sold, and she expanded her business. From this rather simple business idea of bag import grew a personal passion for own design – and a fashion brand that stands for high-quality handbags with an individual touch since over 20 years and counting.

Handicraft meets Pop-Art-Design

Classical, wacky or sweet – Anya Hindmarch bags cater to any taste and occasion. Yet they all have in common the high-quality materials from which they are made. Traditional handicraft is, in addition to innovative, individual design, the dominating characteristic of any Anya Hindmarch bag.

Her collections feature lively colors, creative motives, and playful elements. Clearly inspired by artists like Andy Warhol and current trends in pop culture, Anya Hindmarch literally reinvents herself with every collection – but without ever losing her own signature style. Her fashion- and bag collections with patches in the form of comic-style eyes are legendary. Anya Hindmarch addresses powerful, bold women, who enjoy fashion and like to stress their playful, humorous side. For elegant occasions, there is also a more subtle, classy and functional line of finest leather handbags by Anya Hindmarch.

Style meets sustainability

Every bag by Anya Hindmarch is a true eye-catcher and is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Many celebrities swear by this exceptional look – and thus it is no surprise to see Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley regularly wearing these funky bags. Hindmarch was already three times awarded the prestigious 'Accessory Designer of the Year' Award. Bags by Anya Hindmarch set new trends and with their creative colors and playful designs, they bring a good deal of British charm into everyday life.

Anya Hindmarch is also known for her avid commitment and engagement for charitable purposes. Her bag featuring the print of “I am not a plastic bag” drew worldwide attention to the immense problem of plastic waste. It was sold out within minutes and the entire revenue was donated to environmental protection projects.

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