Porsche Design

Porsche Design: The ultimate design house

Porsche and design – these two terms have been inseparable since the ingenious Ferdinand Porsche founded his design office in Stuttgart in December 1930. To date, his cute VW Beetle is a timeless design icon of automotive engineering. The industrial designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and caused a sensation with the design of the legendary Porsche 911.

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Porsche Design

Porsche Design

The establishment of Porsche Design

In 1972, when their sports car company had become a public company, the Porsche family retired from operations. the same year, F. A. Porsche founded the Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart. The company moved to Zell am See in Austria in 1974. Ever since then, design history has been written.

Timeless and stylish design

The products of Porsche Design are subject to the strictest “form follows function” dogma that pervades all Porsche products. Or, as F. A. Porsche himself put it: “When you think about the function of a thing, the form sometimes comes naturally.” All products are characterized by pure design, best materials and high quality workmanship.

Products for connoisseurs and individualists

Porsche Design started off with classic men’s accessories such as the famous drop-shaped glasses with interchangeable lenses, futuristic writing instruments and ultra-light titanium watches. In the meantime, all areas of technology, fashion and lifestyle are served. The products of Porsche Design inspire individualists, who are interested in strictly functional design and value quality and understatement.

Innovative ideas

All Porsche Design products amaze with imaginative and practical details. The Book One laptop has a sleek aluminum look and a 360° swiveling display. The chronometer style smartwatch incorporates a GPS and heart rate sensor, and a Leica camera can be found in the Huawei Mate 9 in deep black Gorilla glass frame. Countless other design products are similarly innovative and refined are, from the fitted kitchen up until the ski and pool table..

Fashion: simple and elegant

Not only the technology, but also the fashion of Porsche Design is functional, simple and of highest quality. The outfits range from the sporty, casual leisure look to the classically elegant business attire. Casual T-shirts and polo shirts are complemented by functional yet stylish jackets. Shoes are extremely light, and offer high comfort whilst appearing particularly elegant by a small increase in the heel.

Suitcases and bags

Just as simple and elegant are the suitcases and bags by Porsche Design. Bags for business and everyday life are available in numerous variants, from the stylish clutch to the luxurious handbag or shoulder bag. All items offer numerous storage options, are robust and sophisticated to the smallest detail. The materials used are waterproof nylon, robust polyester, finely grained calf leather or exciting material mixes that are complemented with metal elements.


Practical and functional accessories complete the straightforward and simple Porsche design look. Belts and purses are elaborately crafted from fine leather. Closings made of stainless steel provides modern accents for the sportive bracelets. The frames of the ultra-light reading glasses and sunglasses are predominantly made of sturdy, highly flexible titanium, and their polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant and virtually unbreakable.

Award-winning design

Products from Porsche Design have by now received almost two hundred awards. The prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award alone has been awarded more than forty times since 2002. Porsche products have become ultimate style- and design icons.

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