Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli: Funky colors and frivolous designs

Just Cavalli is a striking label, with intense colors, eye-catching patterns and skillful accents. The label’s products include jeans, accessories, bags, glasses and perfumes. It has been on the market since the 1990s.

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Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli

The Italian fashion eccentric and designer Roberto Cavalli stands behind the label Just Cavalli. His creative talent laid in the family: Already his grandfather made his living by selling highly acclaimed paintings; he belonged to the Tuscan art group called “Macchiaioli”.

Roberto Cavalli studied at the Art Academy in Florence. Soon, the blend of artwork and fashion inspired him to try first experiments in fashion design. For example, he printed his designs onto leather fabric using an innovative procedure which he had developed on a simple ping-pong table. Eventually, he patented this innovation and started a successful career in fashion.

Roberto Cavalli worked for well-known designers, but also founded his own boutique in the 1970s which quickly scored points among the rich and famous. In the same year, the Roberto Cavalli SpA was established, today home of several successful fashion lines.

Roberto Cavalli has always polarized with his fashion and attitude towards life. His provocative, colorful and partly scandalous styles were not always well-received. Nevertheless, stars like Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Cindy Crawford still rely on products from the versatile collections.

In addition to high-priced fashion lines such as the Roberto Cavalli collection of the same name, the designer also developed lower-priced variants in order to reach a wide audience with his extraordinary and innovative pieces. Just Cavalli belongs to these lines. First known as Cavalli Jeans, Roberto Cavalli’s Denim trousers took center stage in the 1990s. Cavalli would not be Cavalli if these would have been just classic jeans models: Rather, the denim pants with their glitter applications, their bold studded trim and their other eye-catching design elements quickly gained the limelight. The casual and youthfully fresh style topped off with striking highlights on every designer piece is typical of the Just Cavalli line.

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