Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci: Italian jet set glamour and timeless elegance

Even the name of the fashion designer stimulates the imagination. Born into a Florentine patrician family, the marquis Emilio Pucci grew over the years into a true Renaissance personality. Already in the post-war period, he was a pioneer in the development of Italian jet-set glamour.

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Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci

Today, the fashion label Emilio Pucci delights with extravagant designs from Milan. In addition to its pure sensuality, it is timelessly elegant and made of highest quality materials. According to its tradition, the fashion house blends unique, innovative cuts into a classic look with modern playful patterns. Thanks to this combination, the diverse models from the Pucci product line are the perfect choice party outfit. But even in normal, everyday life, they can be wonderfully combined with other accessories for every occasion. Especially the trademark geometric patterns and the extensive color palette reminiscent of the Mediterranean are even after more than half a century, still contemporary and fresh like never before.

Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento – from ski star to fashion czar

Born in 1914 as the marquis of Barsento in Florence, Emilio Pucci’s career progressed from a young political scientist into a pilot, and later to a member of the Italian Olympic ski team. As luck would have it, in one of his races in his self-designed ski suit, he was captured in pictures by star photographer Toni Frissell. Their publication in the American fashion bible "Harper's Bazar" in 1947 marked the beginning of his rise to stardom in the fashion industry. Eventually, he became a member of the famous circle of dazzling fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace or Coco Chanel. His friends included celebrities such as Onassis or Hemingway. Beautiful women like Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Lauren have worn his creations, and Marilyn Monroe was even buried in them.

Emilio Pucci died in 1992.

The successful heritage lives on today

After the death of Emilio Pucci, the traditional fashion house was taken over by his daughter Laudomia Pucci and initially continued under her sole proprietorship. In 2000, the French luxury brand group LMVH - Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy took over 67 percent of the fashion empire. Christian Lacroix was appointed as creative director, while Laudomia Pucci acted as deputy chairman. Under this joint leadership, traditional Italian weavings gained new fame with gently sculpted, unlined stretch fabrics. Today, the Norwegian designer Peter Dundas, a favorite in the fashion scene, has upheld the legacy for several years: The attractive style of the label combines modern batik prints and African motifs with Mediterranean mosaic prints.

Colorful designs and world-famous graphic prints

In addition to dresses, blouses and hot pants that lie at the heart of the label Emilio Pucci, halter dresses, retro minis, brocade vests and ties were added to current collections. Fashion-conscious women and men who value quality, high-quality workmanship and luxurious fabrics will find it here. The fine silk fabric is soft and flowing and feels like a second skin. Harmoniously coordinated intense colors are turned into noble gradients and striking patterns. The signature printed or lace decorated garments made of comfortable stretch also enjoy great popularity. Emilio Pucci always conveys the feeling of spring and summer, and underlines the confidence of the customer.

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